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Enlarging size of Energia as displayed on PC screen

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I am able to use the latest version of Energia (0101E0015) but the displayed items are way too small.  I have tried to change the PC screen resolution and size but nothing helps to enlarge the Energia display.  The same thing happens when running the Arduino IDE.  Any ideas will be much appreciated.



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I'm not sure which items you mean when you say "... but the displayed items are way too small".

The Energia preferences lets you set the editor font and size.

On the preferences panel it also shows you the location of the preferences text file preferences.txt.

In there are settings for the font, the default window size and position, and some colors (I hate the bright red).

For example:




On OS X, it looks like the application icons are under Energia.app/Contents/Resources/Java/lib/theme
and settings for the GUI fonts and colors are in the file Energia.app/Contents/Resources/Java/lib/theme/theme.txt
I'm not sure where it will be on Windows.
(And yay! now I can tone down that bright red!)
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Thank you both for the replies.  I apologize for my ignorance... I should have said "window" or something, instead of "elements".  I have made some changes in resolution and also in the Preferences.txt file and that did it!  THANKS SO MUCH!

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