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Replying to Questions

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Hello Everyone,


There has been a sudden influx of new members over the past month, resulting in many questions.

You guys are doing a great job at replying to questions, this is just to motivate you more:

If you see a question not answered for a day, with zero replies, try to answer it. If not, you may leave it alone. So far, you have had a very good record of answering questions. We could count 0 in the General forum. The posts that went unreplied were updates or ideas, not specifically needing a reply.


Another huge thing, which is very surprising, is that you guys have created a fantastic ecosystem. There is no mockery, good understanding as well as sharing of ideas - impressive- so much so that the new users love this forum( literally here and here). The only trouble makers are the darn spammers. The only come when we are asleep.


So big kudos to you and keep up the hard work.

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