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using tmp006 lights the green and yellow on board LEDs, which I would like to use

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When using the on board (cc3200) temperature sensor with the tmp006 energia example,  Is there a way to avoid conflicts with other functions using the on board LEDs, specifically the yellow and green LED  remain on when using the tmp006 example  and I was using them for other functions.   Can I disable or move the use of the Green and yellow LED?


here is the basic code I am using

Adafruit_TMP006 tmp006(0x41);  // start with a diferent i2c address!


// Grab temperature measurements and print them.

  float objt = tmp006.readObjTempC();
  float fobjt = objt * 1.8 + 32.0;
  Serial.print("Object Temperature: "); Serial.print(objt); Serial.print("*C  "); Serial.print(fobjt); Serial.println("*f");
  float diet = tmp006.readDieTempC();
  float fdiet = diet * 1.8 + 32.0;
  Serial.print("Die Temperature: "); Serial.print(diet); Serial.print("*C  ");Serial.print(fdiet); Serial.println("*f");
  delay(4000); // 4 seconds per reading for 16 samples per reading
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