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Forth for fresh MSP chips

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Mecrisp is a native code Forth for MSP430 cores and Mecrisp-Stellaris runs on ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4. Forth is a programming language with two stacks and an extendable compiler which has been designed decades ago for controlling a radio telescope in astronomy and shows its strengths in microcontrollers, too. Its most interesting feature for embedded programming is that the compiler runs inside of the microcontroller and you basically chat with it over a serial terminal line or any other link you can imagine and implement. You can wiggle your wires manually, experiment with fresh peripherals and try every definition you wrote immediately. No need for the "change, assemble, flash and try" cycle. Great for hardware debugging !

Here is "the" classic Forth primer if you wish to get an idea how language looks like: http://www.forth.com/starting-forthTraditionally, Forth has been implemented with a virtual machine, but both my compilers generate native machine code for speed.


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