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I want to buy an awesome 3D Printer

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Thank you for your information.  It might be a nice side project, but I need to determine how much time I want to spent.



The stratasys printers start at US$15,000, and the users I've talked-to say they are very good at making repeatable parts.  On the other hand, I want something smaller, and I don't need to produce a lot of parts.


I actually visited the Form Labs office last week!  The Form 1+ is basically what I want, although I probably will want a small CNC mill in addition.  The Form 1+ can produce repeatable parts, and the quality is extremely high.  The quality is comparable to Objet prototypes I've bought in the past.  The downsides are low-speed and the fact that SLA can only use a limited amount of resins, but I think this is OK for my prototyping.

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I'd like to chime in. First some background. I am a student, I do not have much money, I will pick a cheaper option that require significant setup over something that works out of the box.   I own

Depends on the elastomers. Some machine nicely, some will make you throw them across the shop. You have to learn the material and the tooling to cut that material. A few of the elastomers I have cu

SLA printers definitely have the edge on quality, but you're obviously restricted by the curable resins (which are expensive). I didn't know they did a flexible resin but it seems they do. I've got a

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Old thread, but I am curious about two things:


What was the final purchase, if any? (I may have missed this in another thread, but a quick search didn't show me)




Does anyone have exposure to the Carbide3D Nomad yet? They have apparently been delivering since late '14, but I have found no reviews (in several hours of reading/searching) from an actual user. Lots from the time frame of the kickstarter and just after, but nothing in the form of "I have a production model and have used it". I would love an Othermill but have no interest or need for a Mac to drive it,and am uninterested in rolling or modifying my own software. Given that I don't forsee having a suitable space for a full size mill anytime soon, and this specs to do 80% of what I need in a mill, the rest being either too large or in steel, I am intrigued.

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Hey guys, I am john i recently brought a 3D Printer and found this thread quiet interesting.

I purchase LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer. I am pretty satisfied with its dynamic printer in good pricing. I got it under 1500$ and it done most of the things i want from a 3D printer.

The printer is too reliable and dynamic, plus it is easy to operate. In a nutshell, it is a quality desktop 3D printing device. The printer delivers premium output at professional level and features updates based on its predecessor. 

The print area is constructed with reversible borosilicate glass or PEI. Thereby, it can withstand temperatures as high as 248°F. The tool head, on the other hand, can tolerate heat up to 554°F. The overall printing procedure is easy.

I purchase it after reading its all pros and cons from an article. I got article recommendation from an another forum. Special thanks to them also (3dprintforums.com).


You guys can also read it as they talk about in depth about Top 10 3D printer, price, quality, SLS, safety and much more.

I think to carry forward the knowledge that i get.

Hope it might help anybody who are looking for a 3D printer

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