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C2000 compiler setup fails with error #1965

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Hello, complete energia newbie here but fairly proficient in Arduino.  I have installed energia and have followed the instructions here (http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_c2000launchpad/).%C2'> I tried both the recommended build (C2000 compiler version 6.2.6) and the latest version (6.4.3) with the same results.


I open the "blink" example sketch and compile it for any board other than the C2000 and it compiles successfully.  However, when I try to compile for either of the C2000 boards (28027 or 28069) it fails with the following error:


[C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-0101E0015\hardware\tools\c2000\bin\cl2000, -v28, -ml, -mt, -g, --include_path="C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-0101E0015\hardware\c2000\cores\c2000", --include_path="C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-0101E0015\hardware\c2000\variants\launchpad_f28069", --include_path="C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-0101E0015\hardware\c2000\..\tools\c2000\include", --gcc, --define=ENERGIA=15, --define=F_CPU=90000000L, --define=TMS320F28069, --define=ARDUINO=101, --diag_warning=225, --gen_func_subsections=on, --display_error_number, --diag_wrap=off, --preproc_with_compile, --preproc_dependency="C:\Users\DougM\AppData\Local\Temp\build4559800664751629763.tmp\Blink.pp", "C:\Users\DougM\AppData\Local\Temp\build4559800664751629763.tmp\Blink.cpp", --output_file=C:\Users\DougM\AppData\Local\Temp\build4559800664751629763.tmp\Blink.cpp.o]
>> WARNING: more than one source file is specified; option --output_file is ignored
>> WARNING: more than one source file is specified; preprocessor output will be generated for last file only
Fatal error #1965: cannot open source file "Files"
1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "Files".
Compilation terminated.

>> Compilation failure


Can you help me track down why this is failing?


Also, and on a tangential topic, I am ultimately wanting to drive a BoostXL-TMS28027 board with this - are there libraries/sample code available for this board?


Thank you,




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