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What is the idea behind the BSL pinouts?

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I'm just trying to get into BSL programming for the MSP430G2553 as I'm going to use it along with an FT232R. I thought it would be nice to be able to use the USB / UART interface for future firmware updates as well.

Unfortunately TI uses different pins for the bootstrap loader than for the hardware UART. As the BSL resides in the ROM of the G2553, I guess I've to use the BSL pins and implement a software UART for the application firmware.I'm not yet sure if I just don't see the beauty of that design, or if that's just a pain in the ...  


Does anybode know what the idea behind that pin assignment is?


Thanks, Jan

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If you have the code space available, just write your own firmware update code which uses the hardware UART.  This is the preferred option anyway.


I guess that's the way I'll go.

Happy Easter!

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