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Getting SPI(1), i.e. USCI_B1, to work on F5529 Launchpad

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If someone is interested in being able to choose between using the SPI0 and SPI1 modules on Launchpad F5529, http://energia.nu/img/LaunchPadMSP430F5529.jpg, I have attempted to make changes which allows you to do so.


The code is here :



This is based on my work to get the two I2C modules to work, it seemed pretty easy to get the same functionality enabled for SPI modules.


But my changes for SPI is fully untested, I have only tested that it compiles. The reason is that I do not have any devices to test SPI with.


If you want to use module 1, just do

  // start the SPI library:
One thing I am unsure about, is how the "chip select(1)", will work, this is defined as
static const uint8_t SS1      = 33; /* P4.0 */
Since this is P4.0, the port mapping needs to be set up, but currently I do not any port mapping for the SS1/chip select 1.
I could not find anything in http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430f5529.pdf(page 26-27) which says what to set the port mapping to.
If someone is interested in this, please comment and review.
I will not do more work on it otherwise, since I currently do not have a need for using either SPI module.



Alf Hogemark

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