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Compatibility of Launchpads and different MSP430

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There is a huge amount of TI-Launchpads on the market already. Does anyone has a list of compatible MSP430s for every Launchpad?


What about MSP432?


I just know the MSP-EXP430G2 works with FR57XX and G2XX1/2/3.


Does the compatibility also depend on your software (CCS or Energia)?

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Well, define "compatibility" first.  If you mean, can they be programmed by the launchpads in-circuit (e.g. in your own project board)... the nice thing is all the *MSP430* launchpads after the G2xxx LP can program any MSP430's.  F5529LP, FR5969LP, FR4133 LP's all use TI's new "eZFET" emulator which is supported by their MSP Debug Stack DLL (aka the "V3" firmware on MSP-FET430UIF, and the new MSP-FET).


MSP432 is a different animal b/c it's ARM.  I believe the MSP432's XDS110-ET is meant to be capable of programming other ARM chips via SWD.  Likewise the MSP432 LP itself has a 0.5"-pitch ARM JTAG connector to allow you to use other vendors' external JTAG tools with the MSP432 chip on the LaunchPad.

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