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Energia support for MSP430FR4133 ?

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Thanks Spirilis ! In your opinion, what is the best choice for a low cost FRAM-based TI dev board that is supported by Energia ?

The FR5969 board is well supported by the current release of Energia.


As a side note, in the ... hopefully "near" future I'll have an alternative Arduino port for msp430 which will support the FR4133 and many others, but I'm nowhere near ready to release this to the public.  FR5969 is a nice chip IMO.


When you do get it, take a look at these two things (shameless plug about some of my contributions)-



http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5779-energia-library-wolverine-rtc-b-library/ (code: https://github.com/spirilis/RTC_B )

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