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Cheap solar battery + wireless IoT node

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Started getting my rain sensor set up - just in time for some rain the day before yesterday.  I accidentally left the transmit speed set really low - so it killed the battery.  Going to let it recharge and fix the interval, and then the bugs.  Right now I'm dealing with a noisy reed switch + some sort of bug on the interrupt.  I can tell IF it rained, but not how much ATM.

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I've got a bunch of sensors in my house uploading data to my phant repository - but I decided to start looking into placing sensors outside as well.   I purchased some $2 solar sensors from Target (A

The options are 1) a complete sealed setup, using the appropriate sealed penetration connectors, capable of holding against the pressure inside and out due to temp changes, 2) run the containment at a

Due to this thread I went out and picked up a handful of these at the dollar store.  These came with a AAA ni-cad battery. @cubeberg  I took a look at the specs for the battery and it looks like they

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@@CorB - hacking a commercial sensor - with RadioShack closing, I found a cheap one on eBay.  It was originally $15 but ended up being $5 after it got scratched in the mail because of bad packaging and the seller did a partial refund.  I have a anemometer/weathervane as well that I need to work on as well.

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