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Arduino Serial.print(F("lala")) Energia/MSP430 equivalent?

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I have a large sketch with lots of quite long Serial.print() and I have read somewhere about Arduino that to save SRAM you can use the F() macro like "Serial.print(F("lala"))". But When I try to use this in Energia I get no errors but the Serial.print don't display anything. Why is this?




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It's not necessary under any of the TI MCU platforms.  Those strings don't use SRAM like they do on the (Harvard Architecture*) Atmel AVR.  That said, it should still work & print the value, so there may be a bug in Energia's implementation of that F() kludge.  Best just to leave it out though.


* AVR is Harvard Arch. but cannot pull flash as data as easily as it can pull SRAM as data; ARM Cortex-M is also harvard arch, but doesn't have that limitation since it has a humungous address bus it can fit code & SRAM in the same address scheme.

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