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USB interfacing on MSP430

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I'm currently doing a project on MSP430F5638. I want to implement USB on it. I got the code from TI website,(I am running the M2_SDCardReader example that came with version 4_20_00 of the USB Developers Package.) but while running this code I am facing some problems. If I run the code I can see unknown device(after calling the function usb_conncet) in my system for a moment, then its disappearing. I used descriptor tool to assign the VID and PID as mentioned in the guide provided by TI.

how can i solve this problems..?????  Do you have any suggestions?

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What USB devices does this example present? What OS are you using? If it's windows then you may need and INF file to point windows at the right drivers. No idea about Linux.


Also, what board is the F5638 on? Are you using the MSP-TS430PZ100USB? If not, are you sure your hardware is OK?


As @spirlis said, definitely go with really simple examples and work up from there.

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