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C2000 Launchpad Solar MPPT Project and Tutorial

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Hi All,


Just finished off writing up a tutorial about a project I did earlier this year.  It's a solar maximum power point tracker (MPPT), based on the C2000 Launchpad.  There are some links to the project and tutorial below as well as a few videos on YouTube, all the code is also downloadable.




I intend to work on a second iteration at some point with some larger panels, and a battery charging state machine.










Comments welcome on improvements etc.




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Excellent work on this project!  I really like all the detail you went into in your write up.  Its rare to find someone who can do both software and analog hardware.



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Cheers for the comments much appreciated.  I am fairly new to C programming (2 years) and have a lot to learn still, mainly in the larger program structures using struct and typedef.  Have read lots of tutorials and as such have found some that are great and others that are lacking, so trying to make sure any tutorials I write are as easy to understand and clear.  It also helps me understand the subject matter better, when trying to explain it.


A big fan of open source and sharing of ideas and knowledge, it's definitely the way forward.



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My first thought was to play with the MSP430 first for this one since I'm still a bit unfamiliar with the C2000 platform.  The MSP430F5172 offers a timer with reasonably high resolution I could play with, and I already have a few boards built out with those chips.  Likewise I won't feel too bad if I let out the magic smoke with those :D

The solar panel arrives next Tuesday ... I need to start thinking about the converter circuitry now, for which your guide appears to be a very good place to start :D

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