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C2000 under Linux

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Ok I know the stock answer is 'Not Supported' but I am trying to work around this
Hardware is Piccolo C2000 Launchxl-28027

My CCS is running and I have the DSP libraries installed but I am not working with the Project files as that doesn't seem to work and anyhow I'd like to understand my setup thoroughly.

I started a new project and have my C2K target set up.  My main.c is trivial -- I just added a while(1) { } and nothing else.  


Here's where I am stuck in trying to debug my setup:
- I want all the peripheral references to get included in the project
- Hence I have included DSP2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.c

- To make that work properly I have also included DSP2802x_Headers_nonBIOS.cmd for the linker

- I have also included 28027_RAM_lnk.cmd


This seems like it should be the basic setup if I want periph references.  My paths appear to be working.


However I am getting a series of errors - within DSP2802x_Device.h it appears that the linker rather than compiler is trying to digest this file as I am getting 

>> Compilation failure
   expecting output section, GROUP, or UNION instead of ";"
"../include/DSP2802x_Device.h", line 52: error #10026-D: 
   expecting output section, GROUP, or UNION instead of ";"
"/../include/DSP2802x_Device.h", line 103: error #10026-D: 
   expecting output section, GROUP, or UNION instead of ";"

etc etc etc.  I am not that familiar with linker .cmd files so not quite sure how to repair this.  What I suspect is that apart from using the standard C2K project, and adding the files above, I need to do some sort of compiler or linker config that is non-default.  Any ideas?
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First off, sorry for the slow reply.  I've been uber busy lately.


Actually C2000 is officially supported in Linux.  CCS and the XDS100 emulator will work just fine.  The problems start when we look at the software.  A lot of the software in controlSUITE was written by folks who have never used a *nix box, so there are a lot of case mismatches.  In the last release of the F2802x device support software, I fixed all these issues and ensured that all the examples built in linux.  Try downloading the latest controlSUITE and trying these new examples.  You shouldn't have any problems.

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