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Error: Fixed Point to String (ASCII) on F28027 in flash memory doesn't work

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I am to beginning to learn Piccolo F28027.

I am to trying to make a transformation from fixed point to string(ASC2) in the F28027.

I used the example file 3386IQmath_Quickstart as below:


char buffer[30];

_iq x1 = _IQ(1.125);
_iq1 x2 = _IQ1(-6789546.3);
_iq14 x3 = _IQ14(-432.6778);
_iq30 x4 = _IQ30(1.127860L);
int error;
// Global_Q
error = _IQtoa(buffer, "%10.10f", x1);
// IQ1 error = _IQ1toa(buffer, "%8.2f", x2);
// IQ14
error = _IQ14toa(buffer, "%6.6f", x3);
// IQ30
error = _IQ30toa(buffer, "%11.12f", x4);


I discovered that this example works when using the ram memory, however

when using the flash memory doesn't work. The transformation to string is incorrect, with error. How i should configure the flash memory in this case?


Best regards.

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