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C2000 Concerto ControlCARD LED driver

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I am currently designing some electronics using the Concerto ControlCARD.


On the controlCARD, TI is using the SN74LVC2G07DBVR to drive two LEDs.

Assuming that the forward voltage of the diode is approximately 1.2V, the LED current is about (3.3V-1.2V)/680Ohm = 3mA.

The PINs of the F28M35x are specified for 4mA max. which means it should be perfectly capable of driving the LEDs without the driver.


For my understanding the driver is not really needed?

Do i miss something else/important?


Thank you very much in advance!


Kind regards


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You're correct.  I'm not sure if this is true on the controlCARD, but for the LaunchPad I put these on the LEDs to prevent loading the pin such that it can be used for other functions while still driving the LED.  I would imagine the reasoning is similar on the controlCARD.

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