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Hello, I'm new to C2K, and I asked about the file includes:
is there a difference between the files here:

C: \ ti \ controlSUITE \ development_kits \ C2000_LaunchPad \ f2802x_common \ include

and here:

C: \ ti \ controlSUITE \ development_kits \ C2000_LaunchPad \ f2802x_headers \ include?

Because I see that in the "GEL" directory of each, the files are different.

Can I use the file instead of DSP2802x_Peripheral.gel F28027.gel ?

For example, is that adc.h is identical to F2802x_Adc.h ?

thank you.

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Yes, there are differences between these files.  The f2802x_common directory contains drivers and some helper files like linker command files.  The F2802x_headers directory contains header files that can be used to access the peripherals using structures.


You shouldn't need to use anything in the GEL directories.  CCS will automatically take care of this.


adc.h is not identical to F2802x_adc.h.  adc.h is a header file for the driver library while f2802x_adc.h is header for some legacy driver code.


Try starting out by importing some of the examples and figuring out how they work.

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