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C2k Mini-LaunchPad

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I was looking at the C2K Launchpad, and was sort of disappointed they didn't go with a board that uses CAN, so decided to possibly make my own.


Any ways, I did not route the LIN ports yet, I should have, but as you can see, there is quite a bit of fudging along to make it all work.


It is more or less pin compatible with the regular C2K LaunchPad, except I'm using the 2 NC pins on the lower right headers to break out the CAN pins. And using a JTAG port for programming and debugging.




It won't let me upload .brd files so I attached them to my website:




Dimitri (aka jim940 at 43oh)



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I did make a purchase of the USB stick for F28069, and it is very nice.

But you are right - it would be nice to have that as a launchpad.


BTW, the MSP430-based launchpads are very nice - low end, high end (USB - F5529), and "ultra low power" Wolverine, and now a 4th launchpad.

Any way you can talk TI into creating another C2000 launchpad that goes a step above the F28027?



Todd Anderson

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