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controlSUITE... annoyances...

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So... the first time I installed it.. it didn't install right. Installed it a second... third... fourth time. Fourth time worked right. Then today there was a popup saying there was an update... I shrugged and clicked through the update... and then my controlSUITE was broken again... wait... is that?.. $^%%^ a TI folder on my C: drive?!?!? god %$#%@$. Development stuff is all on F: !!!!


Anyone else having these issues with it?

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An update did go out yesterday to add support for our new F28M36x Concerto Device (M3+C28x cores).


I suspect what happened is that when you installed the update you let it install to the default location (c:\ti\controlsuite) whereas originally you had installed it in f:\path\to\controlsuite. This would have broken both of the GUI's (both external and internal to CCS). You ought to be able to fix the standalone GUI by copying the c:\ti\controlSUITE folder on top of the folder you have in F:. If you want to fix the internal GUI too, we can do that too, but I'll have to give you further instruction (we have to edit one hidden file...).


Sorry for the frustration. We are planning on moving to a new installer soon which will hopefully fix some of the frustration you've experienced.

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