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GLCD on C2K Launchpad

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Hi all,


The attached code shows how a small GLCD (boosterpack for MSP430, http://lars.roland.bz/lcd/ ) can be used on a C2K Launchpad.

All the code used to display characters etc is identical to the code I was using on the MSP430 Launchpad, the only difference can be found in the SPI routines. On the MSP430 Launchpad I was using (based on Lars Rolands code) a MSP430G2553 chip with built-in SPI. On the C2K Launchpad I have not (yet) been able to use SPI on this GLCD so the code uses bitbanging to send the SPI commands to the GLCD.


Running the code will display normal characters (6x8 pixels), large numbers (12x16 pixels) and uses the lower part of the GLCD as a graphic screen to display a simple bargraph. I am working on further expanding this GLCD library so all pixels on can be controlled by the user. On the MSP430 Launchpad was too limiting to achieve this, on the C2K launchpad this should not be a real issue allowing "live" graphics on this small screen.





PS. Thanks to all that have helped me during the problem-seeking/solving.





EDIT: picture added

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