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SOLVED :Code issues: automated setting of GPADIR for GPIOpins >15 problematic

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Hi all,


I am developing a simple codelibrary that should make setting the pins for input/output of the C2k launchpad easier. I am using definitions for the pins that correspond to the physical pinnumbers on J1/J2 and J5/6. So a user can set pin J2_2 as output without a need to think if this pin is a real GPIO or an ADCpin.


I am running however into problems with the piece of code below:


if (pinmode==GPIO_Direction_Output)
{ GpioCtrlRegs.GPADIR.all |= (1<<pinNumber); // set the pin to output, set bit=1

{ GpioCtrlRegs.GPADIR.all &= ~(1<<pinNumber); // set the pin to input, set bit=0

pinNumber corresponds to the normal GPIOnumber of any pin, pinmode simply represets 0=input or 1=output.


When I call this code with pinNumber=17 and pinmode=1, GPIO1 gets set for output instead of GPIO17. I first had pinNumber declared as an uint16_t variable, changed that into uint32_t variable but the problem remained the same ...


Anybody with a clue as to why I am running into this limitation ?

For GPIO0 -GPIO15 the code works as planned ...




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Ive allread updated the code - see other message in this forum - using your original suggestion. Sometimes you can do a lot of searching for things that arent obvious ! Now we can easily set any of the connectorpins high/low etc without the need to know if the pin is GPIO or ADC and without the need to know which GPIO/ADC is connected to which pin. Now you just state OutputPin(J2_10) and pin 10 on connector 2 will be prepared for output.





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