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C2000 learning material/Resources

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Hi everyone, are there any learning resources available, specifically for the c2000/f28027, that could help me learn program c2000 launchpad board. Perhaps a c2000 expert could point me to the right direction.


I've been an 8-bitter all my life, mostly on the AVR platform and the c2000 based 32-bit mcus seem to be monstrous beasts in comparison :huh:. I downloaded the c2000 teaching ROM from the ti website in hope of kick-starting the application development process, but I'm simply overwhelmed. The modules in the teaching ROM mostly refer to the f28335 mcu anyways, which seem to be quite different from the f280x series.


Any help with the learning resources will be greatly appreciated. :)

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The user guide/manual is pretty helpful..but can be a handful. I'd suggest the best way to go about is to work through the example code. With this you will also get familiar with the different modules and stages in a peripheral.

There are a few links in the sidebar of this forum(main page)

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