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How to use an ADCpin for GPIO ?

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And a small snippet of code to show the usage of the functions:


char testpin=J2_10;


   OutputPin(GPIO_Number_0); // LED to check functionality

   for(; { /// forever loop


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I noticed two things I'd like to comment on:

  1. The LEDs are setup such that they are on when the associated GPIO is low. The buffers driving them are non-inverting and the LEDs are setup such that the buffer sinks current. There is no design reason for this...its just how I implemented it at the time.
  2. Initially all the GPIOs are Hi-Z at reset. The buffers which drive the LEDs also have a Hi-Z input, so it very easy for a little bit of charge to build up and change the voltage on these nets when the GPIOs are unconfigured. This is purposeful as this is a learning tool and this makes a great remonstration of floating nodes.


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