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Hello world led+button

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This is my first very simple test with the c2k launchpad, it simply lights up a led (gpio0) a turns it off when the button (gpio12) is pressed.

Below is my code for it. Hope you like it. :)


// c2k launchpad led Hello world 1.0 + button
#include "DSP28x_Project.h"
#include "f2802x_common/include/clk.h"
#include "f2802x_common/include/gpio.h"
#include "f2802x_common/include/pll.h"
#include "f2802x_common/include/wdog.h"
#ifdef _FLASH
   memcpy(&RamfuncsRunStart, &RamfuncsLoadStart, (size_t)&RamfuncsLoadSize);
void main()


 WDOG_Handle myWDog;
 myWDog = WDOG_init((void *)WDOG_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(WDOG_Obj));

 CLK_Handle myClk;
 PLL_Handle myPll;
 myClk = CLK_init((void *)CLK_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(CLK_Obj));
 myPll = PLL_init((void *)PLL_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(PLL_Obj));
 CLK_setOscSrc(myClk, CLK_OscSrc_Internal);
 PLL_setup(myPll, PLL_Multiplier_12, PLL_DivideSelect_ClkIn_by_2);
//set gpio

 GPIO_Handle myGpio;
 myGpio = GPIO_init((void *)GPIO_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(GPIO_Obj));
//set led gpio0
 GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose);
 GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_Direction_Output);
 GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0);
//set button gpio12
 GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_12_Mode_GeneralPurpose);
 GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_Direction_Input);
 GPIO_setPullUp(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_PullUp_Disable);
for(; {
// if gpio12 button is pressed led on-off once
  if(GPIO_getData(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12) == 1) {
  GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0);
  GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0);

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Looks good Mihai. What did you think of the drivers? They are pretty new so I'm trying to get some feedback. Were they helpful?

They are very helpful, coding is much more easier. I had to search a little before i got my first program to work i didn`t know how to include them in the project. Anyway making them was a good ideea. Looking forward to learning more.

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Thanks for sharing this !


This part of the code:

// If running from flash copy RAM only functions to RAM
#ifdef _FLASH
memcpy(&RamfuncsRunStart, &RamfuncsLoadStart, (size_t)&RamfuncsLoadSize);


should not be place before void main(), when I then compile the code for FLASH based operation it raises compiler-errors.

Ive placed it inside the code after the line:

PLL_setup(myPll .... )


Would be nice to set the code also up for an interrupt based action instead of a polling loop. Ive tried to use the external_interrupt code to build something like that but thusfar without a blinking led.




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