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Hello from The Show Me State

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Hello All

My name is Jeff Lampe.

I go by Frosty for short,, I got the name FrostyTheDadMan from one of my best friends 6 months after my Son was born, He is still my Pride and Joy 11 years later. ;o)

Just in case anyone was woundering.


I am also FrostyTheDadMan on WWW.Laserholics.com

Here is a link to a simulataion I did for Phil Dixon of the FAA that was a 50mW 532nm laser at 1000 feet. We also had a major hand in the new Laser Laws the post after the phone call from phil Dixon


My 40 Watt 808nm and a laser Vortex. the Vortex Laser is a 445nm at 1.4 Watt. The driver is my design and is small enough to fit on the end of your finger but it can push up to 3 Amp @ 5.5 Volt and pulses from 5Mhz to 200Mhz the XJA-140 445nm diodes like 40 to 50 Mhz.

I call it the Mighty Micro Drive.


I have been playing with Electronics sence my father got his Bell & Howell's Heath Kit GR-2000 TV. Yes I am almost as old as dirt. LOL


We have come a long way sence then,,, Now I am trying my hand programing.

I have a lot to learn,, I hope you all can teach an Old Dog new tricks. LOL


I have a C2K launchpad and I want to program it to control a Laser Projector.


Red 650nm 1.8 Watt, Blue 445nm 1 watt, and green 532nm 1 Watt


The total power output will be close to 3.5 Watt to 4 Watt depending on the proper color mix.


The Mirrors will be X & Y Galvos.

I will save the rest for the proper time and place.



I'm Jeff or Frosty which ever you prefer.

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Oh! MO! I usd to live in Rolla(2 hours from St. Louis). Yeay for the Arch.

Welcome to C2kC Frosty. Congrats on the kid.

I'm eager to see what you come up with the C2000.. PWM and lasers go together.


Rolla is one of me favorite City's... Collage girls! Man I wish I was 20+ years younger,,,, LOL LOL

Did you ever make a friday WhiteCastle Run? :) We use to hang out at the White Castle on friday and saturday nights just to meet/Flirt with the collage girls. Man the good old days,,, where did they go?


I'm Glad to be here, Thank you. Trey informed me of this sight. Thanks Trey you Rock. Oh and Thanks for all the help at TI's E2E sight.



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