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Difference Between C2000 Launchpad and Stellaris Launchpad

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I have my C2000 Launchpad and was able to run the demo... have not gotten much further because I am working on a MSP430 project at the moment.


Anyway... I am sure I am not the only one who has this question: What are the big differences between C2000 Launchpad and the upcoming Stellaris Launchpad? They are both 32-bit microcontrollers, right? Just looking at the statistics, I think the C2000 is a little more powerful, but what would be the reason to choose one over the other?

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F28027 only has 6kb of RAM.


Looking at those numbers, it's really hard to explain why anyone would want a C2000. I guess you would need to know what the advantages of a DSP over a classic MCU are. For almost everything the usual LaunchPad audience does, the Stellaris LP seems much more suited than the C2000 one.




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Everything said is true. We are a very specialized microcontroller that excels in real time applications. That being said, we can also be used just like a normal general purpose micro.


Also of note, the C2000 family has a 16 bit wide memory. What I mean by that is that on C2000 devices the smallest addressable location is 16 bits wide. Technically on our architecture 16 bits is a byte, but for the sake of discussion I will refer to our smallest addressable locaiton as a word. Which brings me to my next point, the Flash and RAM sizes.


We have 64kB of flash and 12kB of RAM (8 bit bytes). If we look at them as words then the sizes become 32kW flash and 6kW RAM.

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