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NXP Embed Design Challenge - Free LPC1768 kit

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Good news! I've gotten it to work!   Bad news... it depends on a heavy (but free) Eclipse-based IDE (however, it uses gcc-arm behind the scenes, so there is no code-size limit!). Also, no mbed lib

Was playing with my mbed board today... Pretty easy to grab a library and whip something up. Got it running my LCD in 4-bit mode using an existing library in about 10 minutes (including wiring on bre

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It acts like a transformer.


Function of Ethernet Magnetics


Link with some more info.

The ENC28J60 requires a transformer with a turn ratio of 1:1 certified for 10base-T. There are some very nice RJ45 connectors called "Magjack" which have already integrated magnetics and optionally integrated LEDs. In addition you need a small filter coil (L1 in the schematic). A 5mm ferrite bead with 5-7 turns of thin wire seems to work well.
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Magjacks on SparkFun for US$1.95, breakout board for US$0.95, that's even cheap enough for me. :D



I was hoping to maybe scrounge them from a dead switch I have if I tried this out, but I don't think they have the magnetics in them. Still, since I saw that capability on the LPC1768, I will probably try to take advantage of it in some way or another.


Also, the USB interface looks promising. Maybe host for a hard drive?


Too many ideas, not enough time. Back to debugging my project for the LaunchPad! ;)

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Let this not distract you from that LCD project of yours, now.

I'm so close on that I can taste it!


I'm sending data, but get nothing on the LCD. I'm going to step through in debug and verify the right data is going to the right pins. If that isn't the problem, I need to double-check and be sure I'm sending the right data to put it in 4-bit mode.

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I should have mine in a week or so. I got an email saying there were shipping problems and it would take a bit of time for me to get a board. gatesphere, I have the same hesitation as you. I do not want my code on the cloud, most of what I will be working on with it is 100% private intellectual property of mine and I do not want it getting in the wrong hands. I definitely do not want to have to read through all their privacy polices to find out if I am really safe or not.


Keep us updated on your quest for compiling with the offline compiler.


PS: Don't take this as a downside for the NXP board, I think the idea of a cloud compiler is great for most hobbyists. From what I've read, and seen here, there seems to be a great number of online projects shared on this cloud which can be used by everyone. Seems like a great way to get started with ARM.



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I received mine today, I didn't receive any communications so I wasn't sure I was going to receive one.

For right now my code isn't that great and until its much better looking/functioning I have no problem using the online compiler, but later on I'll eventually want to keep some code private and it would be nice to be able to compile offline if I'm away from the internet or its down/slow.

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I have successfully compiled an LED blinker demo without the cloud compiler by following the directions at http://dev.frozeneskimo.com/notes/compi ... r_the_mbed

My test system is a Windows Vista x64 system with Cygwin. The Code Sourcery tools installed without issue, and worked wonderfully.


As the author points out, there is a serious timing issue (due to a misconfigured system_LPC1768.c file... I'll look into this more), and it won't link with the mbed library (out of the box, but work is being done to this effect). But it's something.


Just thought I'd share my findings.

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