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List of all boosterpacks

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I see TI has put together a list of all available booster packs at http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/BoosterPacks.


(Credit for discovering this goes to 43OH http://www.43oh.com/2012/08/boosterpack-listing/)



Unfortunately the column showing compatibility status for the C2000 is blank in many cases.


Does anyone know if TI's CC110L RF BoosterPack can be used with the C2000 Launchpad XL?

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We have been discussing this in this thread:



It seems the pinout of SPI for the MSP430 and C2000 Launchpad is identical, so its a matter of coding to get the AIR boosterpack up and running. Thusfar I havent made much progress as the "local lingo" of the c2000 is slightly different, I amd focusing first on getting some grip on the system. I am planning to run SimpliciTI with the C2000 (as I do with the MSP430).


If you make progress, please tell,




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