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[Piccolo] Surprise on C2000 Launchpad UART?

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Found this is the C2000 Launchpad user guide:

After opening the serial port in your serial terminal, reset the Launchpad with the reset push button and observe the serial terminal for a



I have not got mine yet.. any one wants to check it for me? :)



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Which terminal program are you using ? I tried the Parallax serial terminal but it just prints these ansi codes as ASCII, I get just a mess of 7s and ansi codes.


Aaand..50C ? That would hurt but the chip feels just warm.


Ahh, good ole trusty linux. Reminds me of JRs office.


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I wrote this demo using PuTTY. I had to use some special VT100 commands to move the cursor around where I wanted. The text "current temperature..." should all be inside the box on the right.


Our temp sensor isn't the most accurate. The issue with it is test. When we produce the chips we have to calibrate the chips temp sensor and this can be difficult to do accurately and cheaply (keep in mind we are making tons of these little guys). The temp sensor on these devices should be used to sense whether the chip is hot or cold, not the exactly temperature.

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