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[Piccolo] Real time debugging with the C2000 Launchpad?

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Absolutely! The C2000 LaunchPad supports real time debug.


For those of you new to C2000, real time debug allows you to monitor and change application variables in real time while the CPU is executing your application code. This enables easy debug of the complex analog control loop that our processors typically control.


I believe there is some info on the wiki here:


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I am currently experimenting to get the real-time debug mode running on the c2000 launchpad but no matter what I do I always get the following error:

Trouble Reading PC Register:
(Error -1142 @ 0x0)
Device blocked debug access because it is currently executing non-debuggable code. Choose 'Rude Retry' to disable polite mode and force the operation.
(Emulation package


I am using CCS 5.3 with latest updates and latest controlSUITE.

I also tried with a blank project. Normal debugging is fine, but real-time mode does not work :-(


UPDATE: The blinking led project as described here http://www.forum.c2kcentral.com/topic/89-real-time-control-a-c2000-debugging-gem/ actually seems to work, but the c2000 launchpad demo does not. The above error is shown.


UPDATE 2: Probably the problem has something to do with some special settings, e.g. is a call to CPU_enableDebugInt() required?


UPDATE 3: Now it seems to work :-) I have not really changed anything, probably just restarted CCS. So the trick is to enable real-time debug, then run and if the vars don't refresh, to just toggle the "continuous refresh" button until refresh begins. The instructions in the link above are very good.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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Sorry for my slow reply, I've been busy the last few days.


Sometimes the real time debug mode can cause the debug interface to get a little weird.  I've had pretty good luck with it as long as I don't try to load code in while the real time debug mode is enabled.  Otherwise it will behave like you've described above.  Just turn off real time debug mode before loading code.



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Tray, thank you for the help. Maybe it just had something to do with the auto-update I did to my CCS 5.3, now the problem does not reappear, although I am testing with exactly the same projects (your demo project is in flash and the others are injected by the debugger into RAM).


BTW, after the auto-update of CCS 5.3 I got some errors listed after install finished but things still seem to work ok. I now have the old v6.1.0 and the new v6.1.2 compiler but I also got each debugger (e.g. XDS100v2) listed twice in the project settings dropdown. Is this expected and can I uninstall the older version somehow?



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