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BOOSTXL-C2KLED - C2000 LED BoosterPack

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Trey uses the LED BoosterPack to demo the C2000 Launchpad


The LED BoosterPack demonstrates the control of 3 boost converters to drive 3 LED (Red, Green, and Blue) strings. This BoosterPack features a variety of user interface options including a 40 pin connector which interfaces to the C2000 LaunchPad and other 40 pin based LaunchPads. The LED BoosterPack also allows users to connect an MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack to enable touch control of their application. This boosterpack is ideal for those wishing to learn about using real-time digital control techniques for LED lighting applications.

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...maybe I should have put a warning on the circuit board. The LEDs are rated for 50ma peak and we are driving them at 20ma I believe. Before we cost reduced this board it actually had LEDs that were rated for 350ma. Imagine staring at that!


I would have converted the board into a ceiling lamp at 350mA. Now to play with it some. :-)

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Be careful that you don't overdrive the LEDs. Some of the pre-production boards we sent out to some of our third party partners were fried when they tried driving them too hard.


I was in fact able to get the LED lighting application running inside of our RTOS (SYS/BIOS). I've got a slide deck and some source code. I'll try to get it cleaned up and posted this weekend.

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