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New Piccolo - TMS320F28055

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There seems to be yet another Piccolo... However, this time I'm not able to find anything on TI's website, except this:




Additionally, I managed to get a Google Cache result showing the F28055 as "new" and "active" with the smaller variants listed as "preview". Unfortunately, the links lead to blank pages.




The new Control Suite comes with the device support files for the F2805x, so you can see what peripherals are included (no FPU, no HRCap, no DMA, apparently) and CCS 5.2 release notes mention "Flash device support for TMS320F2805x".


I find it odd that the support files have already been released without even an announcement of the actual MCU. The e2e post mentions "more info in June" but it's already July and there is absolutely nothing to be found anywhere on the web.




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You are very very very observant! There was some confusion internally regarding this parts launch date. I believe we were supposed to launch in June/July but I think it got pushed out. The collateral in controlSUITE was accidentally released because of this confusion.


I can't really tell you anything about the part, but if someone wanted to do some poking around in the device support release...they might find some interesting new registers in the F2805x_AnalogSubsys.h file.

There I go running my mouth again... :P



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