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where i'm wrong? :(

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i'm looking @ Litovsky Tutorial for MSP430 ( http://glitovsky.com/blog/?p=85 ), and exerces with Launchpad.. chapter 7, page 42... toggle led using switch.. i have this code:


1 #include "msp430x22x4.h"


3 void configureClocks();

4 volatile unsigned int i; // volatile to prevent optimization


6 void main(void)

7 {

8 WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer

9 configureClocks();


11 // Configure LED on P1.0

12 P1DIR = BIT0; // P1.0 output

13 P1OUT &=

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I think your condition is wrong. (P1IN & ~BIT3) does not do what you want. ~BIT3 is the bit-pattern with all bits 1 except bit 3 (0xFFFD), meaning that your test will never be dependent on the actual value of bit 3 in P1IN. If you instead use ((P1IN & BIT3) == 0) ,or simply !(P1IN & BIT3), the test will be true if bit 3 is 0.


Hope this help.




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Aaahhhh, found it.


Assuming you're using CCS


According to page 31 of slau157, section B.5.2 Custom Boot Routine, you need to use __system_pre_init() instead of __low_level_init().





thank you man!


it's no very important, i can disable WDT in main too, i don't have a big init... but i will try ;)

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