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Remote Control BBB

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I'm assuming you have a router at home and that you own it and can manage it. You can set up port forwarding on that as well as see what IP address is was assigned to it from your ISP. Let's say you wanted to SSH into your BBB from elsewhere in the world and your BBB has the IP address In your routers configuration you'll see an interface with an address very similar to your BBB's, in this example it might be That's an local network interface for the router. There will also be an interface that has a totally different address. That should be what your ISP assigned your router. Write that down. That's how you'll find your BBB from the outside world. For this example I'm going to say it's a.b.c.d


Somewhere in the configuration setting you should be able to set up port forwarding. What you are going to want to do is forward traffic that comes to your router on a particular port to your BBB. Let's say you want to SSH in to your BBB. SSH is port 22. You could forward all port 22 requests on a.b.c.d to your BBB on port 22.


Now to ssh into your BBB from work, you ssh into a.b.c.d:22 where a.b.c.d is your router's outside address.


Now here's the catch... That a.b.c.d address you got from your router....it was dynamically assigned to your router by your ISP. It could change. They usually don't change very often in my experience. If it does, you'll have to go back into your router and find out the new address. You could ask your ISP to give you a static address for your router so that it doesn't change. They might do it. They might do it for a fee. That parts up to you.



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