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BBConsole - Bluetooth Low Energy Console for BeagleBone Black

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A Bluetooth Low Energy module hooks onto the J1 port which  is the main UART terminal on the BeagleBone Black - BBConsole.


BBConsole is a Bluetooth Low Energy serial console adapter for BeagleBone Black. You can view all your console messages, enter commands and  login/logout  on your BeagleBone Black from your BLE enabled smartphone or Tablet.

BBConsole works with all new iDevices and new Android phones that support Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.0).

Simply plug it into J1 Port (Console Port) and start using it. There is no need to change any software settings nor any need to tinker with hardware on your BBB. 


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Hmmm, how? BLE has no SPP (Serial Port Profile).


Ahh, I guess they’re using a custom protocol that will only work with their custom iOS/Android apps. They say it’s for use with your BBB outdoors, but why wouldn’t I just grab a $10 WiFi adapter and set it up as an ad-hoc network or base station? Then I could SSH into it from any device...


Also, there’s already a host of $5~ Bluetooth Serial Modules that will do the same thing, but don’t require a custom app. (I use this method literally all the time; I’ve got about 5 of these adapters and use them to program/debug everything from my MSP430s to Spark Cores to BeagleBones.



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