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Windows Embedded Board Support Package for BeagleBone

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From Microsoft, WCE7 BSP for the Beaglebone.


-High speed eMMC support
-eMMC support
-512MB RAM support
-Persistent registry support
-HDMI/DVI display support
-LCD support
-Supports BeagleBone White and Black
-Dynamic CAPE detection
Graphics demo:



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Great project, and good idea, thanks for sharing blue#


Now if it actually worked, and / or the person doing the project were more responcive to problems. The documentation is also very limited.


In my case, I followed all the instruction to a "T" with no noticable results. There is no indicator lights letting one know anything is working. Since I do not have a micro HDMI cable I had to try my hand at using the CE remote log in tools. Again following the instructions to a "T", and nothing . . .


Just to make it plainly obvious. I am an advanced user of Debian on the beagelbone black. I figured out how to put Debian on the beaglebone black while everyone was still using Angstrom. A couple weeks after release. So . . . yeah, that project needs work.

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