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BeagleBoard(not Xm) no eth0 shows in ifconfig

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I have an original BeagleBoard Rev C4 connected to my TV. It has a usb hub and working keyboard and mouse attached to it, it also has a usb to ethernet cable that connects to my router.


When I do ifconfig, only lo shows, no eth at all. ifup eth0 doesn't work either and errors out. I tried a wifi dongle but it doesn't work either, no lights or anything. The usb hub is self powered as well so I know it is getting enough power.


/etc/network/interfaces is configured properly. I have also tried it with DHCP and static, with no results.


Google only has been giving me answers on using the usb host port and connecting it to a computer and sharing internet that way, but I am using the beagle as a standalone unit. I was going to use it as a media center and the only issue I'm having is getting the ethernet to work.

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