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Arduino Like Interface for BeagleBone Black C/C++

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I got my BBB few days ago and decided to do something to help the BBB community. I found that accessing GPIO and Analog Interface is difficult (without bonescript) when using Linux and accessing them inside a C/C++ application, so I decided to write an arduino like interface for GPIO and Analog. I have plans to add serial, I2C and PWM later. There might be bugs so if you find any let me know. Its very easy to use, there is a test example for both adc and gpio. I need feedback so that it can be improved and more functionalities can be added.

Git Hub Link for the Project:


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You are right its probably faster than python as it is a native code but I have never checked its maximum I/O update rate however adc is quite slow probably not more than few khz. All GPIO can work as an external interrupt however I have yet added the functionality. I will add interrupts,serial and spi soon

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