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Interface camera with BBB

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My problem is solved, and I can tell u all, Logitech c525 works fine

I am using Logitech c525. It supports yuyv, mjpg and not h.264. So I was unable to use ./capture correctly. I was able to resolve my problem by using
./capture -c 600 -o > output.raw

In this case, the default setting for output format was used. I set it too mjpg using

root@beaglebone:/dev# v4l2-ctl –set-fmt-video=pixelformat=1



To resolve my 2nd doubt, I compiled the code, which I forgot to do. Use –

gcc –O2 –Wall `pkg-config –cflags –libs libv4l2` grabber.c –o grabber

 Then I was able to execute with no problems. (Don’t forget to press Ctrl+C to end frame capturing process, else your directory will be full of grabber001.ppm, grabber002.ppm, etc)

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