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Interfacing BBB to Robotic Arm

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OK, I'm pretty new to the BBB and my background is in programming not electronics.  I would really like to setup the BBB as a robotic arm controller.  The arm I'm looking at is the Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm.




Is the BBB capable of controlling this 4-axis robot?  I would assume I need a cape to do this but can't determine if an existing one would work.


Any guidance would be appreciated.



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@@zxd9 Welcome to the Forum.

Yes, you should be able to interface it to the BBB via a spare UART port. Looks like the Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm is based on the  Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Controller. Commands are sent to the arm via serial, which the BBB can easily do.

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