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Beaglebone Black Nest Thermostat Interface

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Tom from Gersic takes a Beaglebone Black with a TMP36 Temperature Sensor to track the temperature in another room of my house, and turn up the thermostat when the temperature difference between rooms gets to be greater than 1° C (1.8° F). It will then turn it back down again when the temperature difference equalizes or the temperature in the second room gets warm enough.


He uses Twilio which sends sms messages from a beaglenest-server. Most of the logic is contained in the beaglenest-client script.

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can u pls tel about the circuit connection

Hi Nandy, The only circuit connection is the TMP36 to the Beaglebone. It has three pins, one power, one GND and the other to an analog pin.

If you look at the beaglenestclient code, you will see:

//The input pin to check for voltage from the TMP36
var inputPin = "P9_40";
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