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Any camera capes out there for the beaglebone

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I'm looking for connecting a good camera to the beaglebone black for a research project. The raspberry pi has 5MP Camera Board Module support. It uses a dedicated CSI interface. Is the bone capable for such an interface?


Even if there was, what about driver support.


There are a few other camera capes(not as good as the pi one), including the Logitech 920, but am also looking into the future in case we need to go into production.


Any inputs?


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@@opcode, welcome to the forum!


I'm not sure if BBB has a CSI interface, probably not. 


Have you looked at the Leopard Imaging camera? It can be connected to the Beagleboard-XM via the XM's DM3730 Camera Image Signal Processor.



The best way forward so far seems to be via Logitech 920 camera. Not as good as the 5MP, but as close to HD you possibly can today. 


Hope this helps.

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