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Dual Motor Controller Cape (DMCC) Mk.6 in production

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Just thought people would like to know that we have stock and are in production of the Dual Motor Controller Cape.  The cape is stackable, so up to 4 capes (8 motors) can be put on a single BeagleBone.


  • Dual DC motor control (5V to 28V)
  • Motor speed and Motor direction (reverse / forward) control
  • High Current (up to 7A continuous per motor)
  • Stackable, up to 4 DMCCs can be stacked
  • Dual Quadrature encoder interfaces on each board
  • Built in PID control firmware
  • Reverse/Forward motor indicator LEDs
  • C library available on Github - https://github.com/Exadler/DMCC_Library
  • Eagle Schematic and Layout - https://github.com/Exadler/DualMotorControlCape


You can buy them at my webstore at http://exadler.myshopify.com/products/dual-motor-controller-cape-dmcc-mk-6.


You can also check out my blog at http://exadler.blogspot.com






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