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Linux CLI-based SpeakJet Parser: Running on i686, BeagleBone Black, and Raspberry

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Saw this over at Element14.

Whereas many SpeakJet users are still dependant on Windows-based Phrase-A-Lator, I broke that limitation, last August with my Linux-based SpeakJet Phoneme Parsers! That resulted in the founding of my speech synthesizer laboratory. As many hobbyists have already written off the SpeakJet speech synthesizer microcontroller,


I am continuing on with my SpeakJet speech synthesis production with my professional-grade SpeakJet phoneme parser "sj". Presently, sj is kept as closed-source software since I've spent many hours in writing source code in the C programming language, and my SpeakJet speech synthesizer projects are donation-supported; however, there has been insufficient monetary donations received to support my ventures.  





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Sounds like this guy is holding back his code until he gets "donations". I can see both sides of that issue, and I certainly understand "getting paid". Would be an interesting project if the source code were not closed source.

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