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Project Idea: Beaglebone Black home automation and security.

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1. Enable turning on attic fan when inside, outside, and attic temperatures indicate it's beneficial

2. Open Garage door when a crypto signed request is made

3. Send XMPP/Email and sound buzzer when garage door is open too long.

4. Leave expansion for future sensors, monitoring, and control.


Pasts list:

* Beaglebone Black

* http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0057OC5O8 Relay to control fan, and garage door open/close, and buzzer.

* QTY 3 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11050 1-wire temp sensors to monitor attic, inside, and outside temps.  To allow monitoring when best to turn on fan.

* Wifi, any difference in reception?  Anything better out there?


* QTY 2: One for door up, one for door down, to help make sure it never gets confused:
* buzzer (hopefully audible from inside the house).
* 5V/2000mA UL listed power adapter http://www.adafruit.com/products/276
* Anything obvious missing?
* Should everything be compatible/relatively easy to integrate?
* Any suggestions for where to get a few hundred feet or wire for handling things like the temp
  sensors, magnetic switches, and to replace the existing garage door opening switch?
* Any better parts than the above?  Especially the buzzer.
* Any nice project cases with a few audio/rj11/rj45 built in to enable easy pluggable
  connections to 4 to 8 low voltage data lines?
Comments?  Suggestions?  Links to similar projects?
Oh I did find this one based on a Rasberry Pi:
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One thing I did notice myself ->


It might be beneficial so use an external micro controller to do the temperature sensor, and then communicate back to the BBB. In this regard I am kind of newb myself, but I have worked with one thermocouple ( K type ) and know that a 200 foot long run would "color" temperature readings, and would cost a ton(by comparison ).  Granted, there are other temp sensor options, and perhaps a thermocouple would not be ideal in this situation ? Again I am still fairly newb here with experience with one device only. 


SO let us assume you did exactly as I say above, and used a thermocouple. Then I think communication between the BBB and the remote MCU becomes a problem. Wireless - potentially insecure( as it may provide a way to tap into the system ), and possibly troublesome, and less cost effective. -> wired . . . SPI, I2C, UART <-- I have no idea what the "effective range" over copper on these are.


Anyhow the good news is that this could be done fairly easy with something like an MSP430G2553, which is also very good on power usage. Just that it would take some time to learn how to write code for one. It took me a couple months to learn the basics so YMMV slightly . . .

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The Dallas 1-wire temp sensors are self-contained digital ICs and are designed to work at long distances FYI. They are ideal for temps sub-100C e.g. inside living spaces. Sent from my Galaxy Note II with Tapatalk 4


Indeed.  Pretty slick.  The 1-wire interface is intended for long runs and you can chain quite a few sensors on the same run.  They even scavenge power from the data line.  Each has a unique 64 bit ID and there's a linux driver for the 1-wire interface.  So once you have the driver running and pointed at the right GPIO pin you can just read cat /sys/whatever to get the temperatures for each sensor.


So they are pricier, but all in all if they are good fit for this project.

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Interesting project.


I have been controlling my attic fan by comparing outdoor versus attic temperature.  I started with the internal temperature sensor of a MSP430 Launchpad running in my attic but ran into problems with lighting http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2355-program-corrupted-by-lightning/?hl=lightning.  I decided I shouldn't have a long cable in the attic serving as an antenna for EMF generated by lightning storms and sending it into the electronics inside my house.  I ended up with wireless Oregon Scientific temperature sensors that also include humidity sensors.  They are more expensive but the peace of mind is worth it.


Instead of setting up an outside temperature sensor, I decided to grab the current weather data from a neighbor's Weather Underground weather station.  This way not only do I get temperature but I also get humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall rate, solar radiation and UV index all from an expensive Davis weather station without all the cost, hassle and maintenance of the weather station.


I use Open Source Automation http://www.opensourceautomation.com/ running on a Windows box to tie everything together.  It's based upon .NET but I have a goal of porting it to Mono so I can run it on BBB / Linux.


If you have not found http://cocoontech.com/forums/ it is worth checking out.  Most of the people on the forum are not so much into creating your own controller but rather they tend to use expensive HAI or ELK systems but they do have a lot of experience with home automation and will give you good advice as far as the best door/windows sensors etc.


You may also want to check out this Raspberry Pi based DIY alarm system. http://www.projects.privateeyepi.com/home/home-alarm-system-project


Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.



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@@Automate Not sure which distro you'll run on your BBB, but with Debian Mono runtimes seems fairly sparse. Just a FYI that you may not need. You could probably and very easily port that project using node.js. I only mention this because on windows I too like .NET a lot for writing what would have been in the past a very complex and difficult applications.


I am still wrapping my own brain around all the stuff that node.js can do, but so far I am very impressed what you can accomplish on Linux with javascript . . .

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