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BeagleBone Black Asterisk and FreePBX port

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Beaglebone-asterisk.org released a port of Asterix and FreePBX. It was previously done for the raspi here.


Base OS is Ubuntu.


The porting process was pretty straight forward, thanks to both platforms being very similar. Ubuntu 13.04 has been selected as base distribution. It is widely used on the BeagleBones and therefore well supported. Ubuntu is using apt repositories in the same way as Debian does. This has 2 advantages over any other distro (besides Debian itself of course): 1. The RasPBX apt repository can be used directly, providing software updates and upgrades for both platforms at the same time. 2. All existing RasPBX installer scripts use apt to install software. They are working in the same way now on the BBB platform as well.




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