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BeagleBone used for software testing.

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BeagleBone in a Board Farm


This article will describe and recommend methods to use BeagleBone in a board farm for automated software testing.

In this article we set a pretty high bar for testing and control. The end goals are:

  • Recover use of the board regardless of what actions the test software performs
    • This includes things like accidentally erasing the boot code

  • Simulate all normal user modes
    • This includes use of a uSD card
    • for BeagleBone Black, it includes the use of the eMMC and simulation of both states of the "Boot" button.

  • Be able to test all target software
    • This includes testing new versions of bootloaders

If the goals above are relaxed, simpler methods could be employed and some of these will be described as alternatives.

Although the article is written for BeagleBone, many principals can be applied to other boards.

The Host system will be assumed to be a Linux system. It is a general recommendation that any true board farm use Linux as its control element. Some of this article could apply to a Windows host but such use is out of scope.


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