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Initial concept, trying to perfect the silkscreen documentation before sending it out...






Breaks out a 40-pin LaunchPad XL pinout to a select variety of GPIO pins on the BeagleBone's Cape connector so you can play with TI and 43oh community BoosterPacks from the BeagleBone's Node.JS/Bonescript language, or any other language you like to use for that matter.




SPI0 pins for SPI

I2C1 for I2C (I2C2 is the cape EEPROM FYI)

-No EEPROM is included on this since the user is expected to mess with it using Bonescript or load their own custom cape devicetrees for whatever boosterpacks they're playing with.


Pinout avoids using any of the eMMC, HDMI or I2S pins.  User LEDs are left untouched too so they do not interfere with boosterpack I/O.


Analog 1.8V Vadc is supplied as the bottom pad on the left-side inner header (under the AIN ports).  The GND pin below 5V is connected to AGND to support the AIN functionality.


One of the I2C pins happens to also share one of SPI0's pins so it is not jumpered, but the other needs to be switched by a jumper.  From what I gather, SPI0 defaults to D0 = MISO, D1 = MOSI but that can be reconfigured, probably needing a kernel parameter or whatnot.  This is sweet since it allows you to support USI-pinout boosterpacks with only software changes required (to flip the SPI functions around).

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I haven't read this full thread, but I did get a board for a few minutes today to play around. I haven't yet understood how everything is wired.  It seems like the analog pins are not yet connected on

I got 'em!   I must say, for a chinese PCB fabber Elecrow is freaking fast.

Touched up & added some images:   ( http://spirilis.net/junk/beaglebone/bbblpv10/bbblpv10_top.png )   ( http://spirilis.net/junk/beaglebone/bbblpv10/bbblpv10_bottom.png )   I am going to

Posted Images

Touched up & added some images:



( http://spirilis.net/junk/beaglebone/bbblpv10/bbblpv10_top.png )



( http://spirilis.net/junk/beaglebone/bbblpv10/bbblpv10_bottom.png )


I am going to print this out at home and see how well the footprint lines up with the BeagleBone, I used some specs from the SRM I think to produce that in DipTrace but the proof's in the pudding as they say.  If it lines up, I'll order 10 from Elecrow soon.  Would like to use black soldermask and I think I might for this trial run... would look nice.  Also an opportunity to see if they're still messing up the black soldermask.


The 43oh logo is in the top soldermask layer, so it'll appear shiny silver (HASL) against the black background.  I bet it would look gorgeous with OSHpark too but it's $36.70 for a set of 3 boards... lol

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@@spirilis what exactly would this be for ? I am having trouble visualizing a use case for this. This doesnt mean its useless, just means that so far I am clueless lol.

Quickly prototype hardware with boosterpacks you already have.  I personally see the boosterpack ecosystem as a nice "prototype" platform .... Heck if one were so inclined, they could run the solder reflow system from their beaglebone.


Need to try a sensor or 2?  Could breadboard it, but if you already have a boosterpack for it... hell why not use that!  And when you decide the application is probably best done with an MCU instead, just move it over to your MSP430 LaunchPad.


Also: Lower-cost replacement for capes -- Capes are big, requiring at least 10cm x 10cm PCB service as I've found.  BoosterPacks can fit into the cheaper 5cm x 5cm footprint.  (And fit other LaunchPads too...)

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Heh how do you get away with out the verbal bashing from your significant other ? lol yeah very nice man, I'd like to see one / many in action too !

I control the budget and just give her a fixed agreed amount every month so she doesn't care ;-)

No-shared bank account FTW!  It also helps that I have been getting paid back for some of these things (via 43oh store sales/tindie/etc) anyhow...

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