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PWM C++ class for the BeagleBone

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Again, from the quadrotor diaries - A simple c++ class for the PWM sub-system. The A8 on the beaglebone has three pwm blocks with 2 pwm outputs each. The code encapsulates one block for two PWMs, bringing the total to 6 PWMs.

Github link.


#include "cPWM.h"

cPWM::cPWM* pwmout;

//the 2 is because we're gonna use eHRPWM2
pwmout = new cPWM::cPWM(2);
//Period in ns. 20000000ns = 20ms
//DutyA sets the duty for eHRPWMnA to 1ms
//go eHRPWM2A !!!
return 0;
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@@bluehash Maybe we should have a links post like on 43oh ? I was thinking about that already this morning. BUt maybe you should make it so you could sticky it too ?

Links as in? Sorry I don't understand.


Edit: you mean helpful links? Looks like you started it. I can sticky it up.

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